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Gloria Johnson December 2018

David, Gloria, and their team are second to none! I had previously met David Coe four years prior to hiring him. He made a memorable first impression based on knowledge, experience, and personality. Fast forward to 2016. As the president of a family-owned real estate holdings company, I was tasked with liquidating several assets, that had very specific guidelines based on legal stipulations, including a timeline of sale. These assets included raw land, commercial land, and a single family home. Although I was sure David would be the best choice, my board of directors still needed to vote on it. David immediately flew to Las Vegas, where our company is located, to sit down with us and address our concerns. Once David was hired, he and his team were always available by phone, text, and email. David and Gloria staged our single-family home to perfection, with their own collection of furnishings! They also had our properties listed within a week! Our home listing had a bidding war in one weeks time! David had also approached the cities in which our properties were located, on our behalf, on zoning issues in regards to the future master plan. David has a Rolodex of contacts at his fingertips. And if he doesn’t have an answer for you, he will find it! They without a doubt put their clients needs first and have extensive experience with complex situations and personalities. This is literally the best team I have worked with in my sixteen years of real estate experience!

Meghan & Michael Ciffone April 2018

We bought our first home with David Coe and couldn’t be happier with the experience! He’s a veteran of Redondo Beach and his expertise in the neighborhood, schools, and the market was invaluable. He brought everything to the experience that you’d expect from your real estate agent and more – he took time to thoroughly educate and advise us at every step of the process, he brought creative solutions to the table upon writing and closing, he had savvy insights on the construction and design potential of all houses we walked through, and he was always a voice of reason and optimism when the search felt frustrating (five bids, competitive seller’s market, it happens). During the bidding process, he provided the push we needed to take sensible risks but balanced that with transparent guidance on where not to take risks as well. He also went out of his way to set up an interview with the principal at the elementary school of one prospective house to ensure we’d feel 100% comfortable with the decision long term. And upon closing on our home, his connections enabled the sellers to resolve an issue that was uncovered on their up-leg and avoid derailing escrow. The level of integrity that David brings to this very personal and significant life moment is his utmost strength. It gave us confidence that we’d find the perfect house for our growing family through COE Real Estate Team and we did!

Linda Schindler, October 2017

 My husband and I are so very thankful David Coe was recommended to us.  Without his guidance we never would have looked at a condo...and never would have enjoyed every meal out on our balcony looking at the ocean, or taken walks on the beach every night at sunset. Living at the beach has been our dream for as long as we can remember...and because of him were now doing just that.  He listened to our needs, returned every message promptly, and always made us feel like we were a priority.  We have dealt with many realtors over the years, but have never before LOVED our realtor.  David found us the perfect home and did so while being kind and caring.  David Coe has our highest recommendation and our sincerest thanks!

Kevin Kriveshei, September 2017       

I love working with David Coe and Coe Realtors!  David has now handled two home sales and one home purchase for me.  He is extremely diligent with his work, and always responsive to my questions.  I feel like I'm working with a friend, not just a realtor.  know that I will be reaching out to David when I'm ready to buy my next home.  And I will definitely be referring David to all of my friends and family when they are looking to buy or sell a property.  I can't say enough great things about David Coe and Coe Realtors! 


Glenn Helton, August 2017 

We were very pleased with David Coe and his team's services when we sold our Redondo Beach condo. To summarize, we got a fair market offer in a very short time, then a substantial amount of help in finalizing the closing, despite some challenges in our particular situation.  We were looking for three essential qualities in a real estate broker: market knowledge, professional selling advice and a hands-on approach to details, due to us living 500 miles away. In David's case, check, check and double-check!
 Due to the condition and history of our condo, the sale was not as straightforward as most. To get a good selling price, we needed right the kind of buyer, and David located him. Then his smart, steady guidance increased the confidence on both sides so the deal could go through without a major hitch. These transactions are not easy, even though David and his team made it look like it was. We can recommend the Coe Real Estate Team without any qualification.



Lisa Erickson-Shove, March  2017 

I am a widow with 2 teenagers that needed to sell an investment property in California while living in Texas. I needed someone that understood the 1031 tax-deferred exchange program so that I could purchase investment properties closer to my home in Texas. The home was a small older home that had been used as a rental for over 20 years and had seen a lot of wear and tear. I had hoped a developer would want to purchase the house for teardown value since the lot was in a nice location. David Coe not only listed the property, but he also worked with my attorney through the probate process, help to expedite clearing the title and suggested we upgrade the property rather than sell it for teardown value. David managed the complete renovation and worked hard to ensure the money we invested in the upgrades would pay off exponentially during the sell. To say that David kept me and my 2 children’s best interests in mind is an understatement. The house sold before ever going on the open market, for more than asking price. It was such a wonderful experience working with someone that truly understands Real Estate from the inside out.

Tim Wheeler, February 2016 

Gloria was very compassionate during a difficult time period in my life with a pending divorce and protecting our young daughter.  She guided me through the process of short selling our condo in addition taking on all the details dealing with other agents, negotiating with the bank to accept the offer after many tries.  She kept me from all the worries with the obstacles and negotiations for the bank to accept the offer.  This allowed me to focus on the pending divorce and protecting our daughter that was extremely difficult and emotionally exhausting. I truly appreciated her compassion throughout the whole process.  I am forever grateful for her kindness and released me from the huge financial burden by successfully selling our condo.  After the sale of the condo, it gave my daughter and I new beginning with the financial stress had been eliminated.  I highly recommend Gloria as a real estate agent that genuinely cares about people and assisting you with selling or buying a home.

Peter T. Haven, March 2016  

I represent and advise a large number of real estate agents and brokers.  Since 2013, I have had the pleasure and privilege of working Gloria Commiso.  I would say that I advise her on real estate matters, but I am fortunate to say that very frequently the opposite is true – she advises me. 

Ms. Commiso is a consummate professional.  She is diligent, hard-working, highly skilled, extremely knowledgeable, and blessed with sound objectivity and strong ethics.  As a lawyer, I am profoundly grateful to have her as a client. She is a tremendous resource of experience and knowledge. 

I cannot say enough good things about her, and I strongly recommend her.

Michael Rodriguez, December 2015

Your Keller Williams Team really works really well even on a short order deal like this one (this really was a quick one at 2 weeks ), so congrats to you as well for just dong such a polished job for me....... a very, very happy kw client, hoping to find more deals to bring to the table for your excellent KW Team. Please consider me an excellent reference source for you with any other company's or clients deciding to work with you, as I really am very grateful to you and more than willing to reciprocate as well! Gloria, you were an excellent motivating factor that I needed to work with just to figure out what I was going to do & and how I was going to do this property sale.  Of the 7 other top real estate companies I interviewed you were are a personality winning standout for teammanship & professional cooperative efforts!! I think your sense of well-earned experience / talented proactive-stance / can-do professional demeanor just really impressed me... AND I am someone who really is very hard to impress AND you did do just that !!!

Great Job & Many Thanks... From A Very Satisfied Professional Client, Michael

Gena Lofton, October 2015

Gloria was phenomenal in representing me on the purchase of my dream home.  She was responsive, courteous, and compassionate during the entire process.  For example, I was in between houses as the house I was purchasing didn't close and I was leasing the existing property to a tenant and was homeless for about 2-3 weeks.  As a result of this dilemma, I was a complete basket case, afraid that the homeless condition would be permanent if my loan didn't close.   Gloria helped to ensure that it would all work itself out but it was touch and go on a daily basis. Even thinking about this now, makes me feel scared and helpless.  Needless to say, Gloria, helped me to keep calm and remain sane and positive throughout the experience.  Finally, the long-awaited loan did materialize and I was able to close on the purchase of my dream home. Without Gloria's help, I would have never been able to purchase my dream home for such a great price as it is now worth at least 30-40% more over the course of 18 months or so.  Thank you, Gloria, you are my "hero". 

Mike, a landscaper with Enviroscape, November 2014

Gloria gives back to local charities and schools. She really does care for the community. 

Todd Garber, November 2014 

Gloria did an outstanding job with the listing, marketing, and sale of my property. She was extremely detail oriented and kept me informed of changes and developments on a daily basis. I had no doubt during the entire process that Gloria was looking out for my best interests. It was a pleasure working with a realtor with such a high degree of professionalism. 

James Smith, May 2013

Dave's systematic approach to educating us on real estate in the South Bay area was detailed without being overwhelming. 

Meghan and Michael Sevier, July 2013

As not only first-time real estate investors but first-time real estate buyers period, David walked us through the process of finding the best investment for our financial situation and held our hand through the entire escrow process. He was our guide and advocate and made the process as easy as possible for us. We have just received our first check on a cash flow positive real estate investment and that feels fantastic! We would highly recommend David for all of your real estate investment needs whether using a self-directed IRA or not. He is an expert in the area of self-directed IRA, 401K, and “solo k” investing in real estate.

Kristina and Taren Zorn, March 2010

I wanted to write a letter of thanks for the incredible service David provided us over the past few months. Kristina and I were pretty daunted at the task of moving our family cross-country to an unfamiliar area. From our first conversation, you put all those fears to rest. We were very impressed with your approach to helping us find a home. Your initial questions reminded us of a few “needs” we hadn’t thought of and helped eliminate some unnecessary “wants” from our home shopping list. Your systematic approach to educating us on the real estate market in the South Bay area was detailed without being overwhelming. We had one weekend to decide on an area to live and a second weekend to pick a place and make an offer. Never once was our time wasted. You nailed what we were looking for each time. Having two children in elementary school, our biggest concern was finding a great school district. Your research proved invaluable in narrowing down our top choices. We could not have been more pleased with our first venture into the Southern California real estate market. Thank you again for all of your hard work and incredible service. We’ll be most definitely working with you again!

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